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About Bill Dilks


My life is my family, all of whom I’m so very proud. I’m passionate about working out/lifting, golf,

being out on the water, the beach, and fresh seafood. Yet I do love a great steak with a great

wine…Chateauneuf-du-Pape is a favorite.











I began my Hammond journey at the ripe young age of 12 after falling in love with the Earl Grant sound of

"Count Basie on the B3", and started performing locally.












Then it was onto SANTANA and Jimmy Smith.  Later, as I found the need to expand my knowledge of music

theory, I was off to Berklee College of Music, and the discovery of Oscar Peterson.


After doing solo and band commercial gigs in clubs, casinos, and cruise ships, I joined Hammond Organ     

Company/Chicago as a product specialist traveling the country weekly, performing concerts and working

with dealer staff on how to tie-in and improve demo techniques.  Then it was back to clubs.


After a while I decided to grow up and get a "real" job and have a wonderful family.  So, I took time away

from music, working in IT as a systems analyst then project manager for Blue Cross BlueShield of Delaware.

















Some years later the Hammond tug became too strong, so I found my way back to the music world.  So

it was IT during the day and music at night.


Now I travel the country performing jazz and swing along with my Hammond presentation. I'm fortunate

again to have the opportunity to work with some of the finest musicians on the planet.


Activities over the years that I’ve enjoyed include coaching Little League, teaching organ and piano,

coaching flag football, umpiring baseball for girls and boys aged 9 - 90, and as a Cub Scout den leader.

I’m currently treasurer of my neighborhood civic association. I found that the cliché really is true – you

get back so much more than you give!


Every performance presents unique challenges. Performing, and making the complexities of the

Hammond B3 accessible to all is what I aspire to during my performances.


A funny story that I mention in my promo materials:  One evening I’m doing a gig in one of the Atlantic

City casinos.  I recognize Don Rickles in the back of the lounge, seated with another gentleman.  They

got up and went off in different directions.  As they did so, I stopped what I was playing and immediately

went into Don’s theme song: LA VIRGEN DE LA MACARENA.  Don stopped for a moment, shaking his head,

smiling his devilish smile, then continued on his way.  After a few moments, Don reentered the lounge,

walked slowly by me and said, “That was nice, but what time’s the piano player start?”, and continued

toward the rear of the lounge.  We chatted for a bit after.  He was a genuine, real-time sweet guy.


Thanks for looking me up.  And please stop by and say hello while visiting one of my shows.